The 50 Best Tracks of 2023

A round-up of the year's finest musical moments...according to us.
Henry Johnstone
The 50 Best Tracks of 2023

From cutting edge UKG and South East Asian dance floor bombs to melodic downtempo, classic house, savage electro, R&B and everything in-between, here are the 50 best tracks of the year according to our resident and guest DJs, staff, and friends of the club.

Electronic music artist and Club 77 resident Evie close up portrait


a.s.o - My Baby's Got it Out For Me

From one of my favourite releases this year, a.s.o., aka the project of Tornado Wallace and Alia Seror-O'Neill. Downtempo pop goodness!

Nicolette - Waking Up

This one had to be on the list. I closed out my Soichi Terada set with this track to such a strong dance floor. A true pinch-me moment.

Taffy - Passion

A UK soul cut that was reissued in October this year by Sam Don of Lovers Rock fame which has been making it into most of my sets ever since.

John Martyn - You Know

An ode to the Club 77 6pm bar set - a time I’d usually use to test out and experiment with any new tracks that are usually more soft rock skewed.

Alton Miller ft. KB - Love Don't Pass Me By

A big soulful dance floor track that I’ll always keep coming back to!

Electronic music artist and Club 77 resident Reenie close up portrait


Dreems - Watchamacallit Machine

Is this the best EP Dreems has ever put out? Under this pseudonym, I think so. It's tweaky, mad, chuggy, and spins your head 360 degrees on the dance floor. I don't even want to think about how many times this has snuck into a Tempo Comodo set I've done this year - works every time. I'm very into hypnotising tunes with driving percussion. This sums that relationship up pretty well for me.

Eyes of Others - Big Companies, Large Tentacles (Fantastic Man Remix)

I actually played at 77 the evening this came out, so I got to spin it when I hadn't even listened to the track in full myself. I knew the combo of the artists involved was too good to miss, especially considering the quality of the original. It gives off some peak Underworld, underground, understated energy that has kept unsuspecting dance floors locked in a locked groove.

Shit Robot - Superstar feat. Mutado Pintado

It's been a while since we heard from Shit Robot, especially releasing on DFA, but this lil’ EP makes the wait worth it. I'm a total sucker for a Mutado Pintado vocal (Sworn Virgins/Paranoid London). It's gritty and EBM-esque, with a touch of acid, but doesn't take itself too seriously (just like me). I also gave it a spin in my Boiler Room set. I wish I didn’t have to wait long for follow up tunes.

Split System - On The Street

If I didn't put a little bit of punk stuff in here then it wouldn't feel authentic. Split System have absolutely exploded onto the scene, hailing originally from Melbourne but kind of like a mini super group. I was lucky enough to see them this year at Nag Nag Nag festival. They're awesome and have an album coming out next year, so there's some big things ahead.

Gesaffelstein – Variations

I ID’d this off Kim Moyes while I was supporting The Presets. It's insane, I love it. It represents the energy I want every dance floor to have that I play. The really twisted ending is where it gets you. One of those tunes you absolutely cannot afford to mix out of early. Let-it-play.

Electronic music artist and Club 77 resident Jhassic close up portrait


Z. James - Poison

UKG is something that I use heavily at my 77 residency - it's in my blood. This is a lovely remix of the classic Bell Biv Devoe track ‘Poison’.

Skepta - Shutdown (Disaffected Bootleg)

Disaffected have been in my playlists for long time. These guys remixed one of my favourite grime artists, Skepta. I specifically remember this track being solely responsible for melting the fresh faces of a group of gentlemen who came into 77 after what I assumed was their formal. They came in prim, proper and left absolutely changed after I was done with them. In a good way, I hope.

Omar - Chaka

Omar is a great DJ and producer who mixes South East Asian/Diaspora music with modern elements - something that I love doing myself. Chaka is a heater of a track which has those UKG elements and it sounds so good on the 77 sound system.

Bertie - Back In The Room

This is one of my favourite kinds of tracks to intermix with all the UKG stuff. It's dark and hypnotic and feels like it could be playing in a dark club within the Blade Runner universe, which is a huge vibe I channel for a lot of nights at 77.

MCR-T & horsegiirL - My Barn My Rules

This track is so fun. It’s at a fast paced 150 bpm, an area that I'm getting more and more comfortable with playing with the likes of my resident brother, Wavyrager. We had this song in both of our folders one night - no prior talk of it, just on the same level. I don't understand horsegiirL yet and I am okay with that.

Electronic music artist and Club 77 resident Mike Who close up portrait

Mike Who

Jamma Dee - Every Morning

The don of dons Jamma Dee with one of the best full-length excursions of the year on NBN records. This is my personal favourite cut from the album and smooth as butter!

The Style Council - Long Hot Summer (Extended Mix)

An anthem for summer in the city if there ever was one.

INQ. & Rob Feher feat Gabby Nacua - Groove To Pt. 2

Beautiful track released on Planet Trip this year from some incredibly talented local heads.

Mumbo Jumbo - Wind It Up

My favourite dance floor memory from 2023, way back in early Jan with Antal running this at a special outdoor dance.

Roy Ayres - Mystic Voyage

Windows down in the Hyundai kinda cut.

Electronic music artist Maggie Tra close up portrait

Maggie Tra

GoodMostlyBad – Very Berry

I love GoodMostlyBad's ability to make dance floor music whilst also being such a cool and inspiring person.

Maggie Tra - Saigon Oi

Added this because I'm so proud of myself this year and because who doesn't love a good selfie?

Siu Mata - Rodinia

Every time I want to shake the dance floor I slip in a Siu Mata track and it has the audience going wild. I love the unique style of chaos yet everything fits together in their productions.

Walla C - Almir Electro

Walla C is a Melbourne music producer. I've always loved his Baile funk style, but this track hits because it's got some dope electronic sounds to it.

Ecoslut - Donk Boogie

A new local music producer I've discovered. This bop is a bit heavier than what I'm used to but it's that high energy dirty music you can't help but dance to.

Electronic music artist Henners DJing on a rooftop


Orbital - Are You Alive?

The fact that this legendary UK duo are still cranking out magical big beat electronica in their mid-to-late 50s warms my weary heart and jading mind.

Weval - Never Stay For Love

My favourite electronic musicians are the ones who manage to carve out an unmistakable sound that can only be theirs. Across three albums for the iconic Kompakt label, Weval have done this with aplomb.

James Holden - In The End You’ll Know

My favourite electronic musicians are the ones who manage to carve out an unmistakable sound that can only be theirs. Across three albums for the iconic Kompakt label, Weval have done this with aplomb.

Freak Heat Waves with Cindy Lee - In A Moment Divine

Sometimes all you need is a breakbeat, some melancholic synths and a catchy vocal. Sublime.

Huerta – Traces

Huerta’s fantastic full-length TV Slang was 2023’s answer to Youandewan’s 2016 album There Is No Right Time. Lush, melodic, hypercolour breakbeat and downtempo.

Close up photo of Club 77 director Timothy Poulton

Timothy Poulton

DJ Swisha - Club Megamixx

This track is my 2023 anthem. A heavy hitter full of twists and turns all packed into a tight 4-minute track!

Sofia Kourtesis - Habla Con Ella

This one came out of nowhere for me. Not my usual style but there is something about the rich piano sound and just the overall production that speaks to me. Love it.

Floating Points - Birth4000

An absolute belter and my fave club track of 2023 by far. That intro gives me goosebumps and then leads into this beautiful, incessant beat that makes me want to divorce my wife, become a ketamine dealer and go clubbing in Europe for the next 10 years.

Caroline Polachek - Pretty In Possible

I saw Caloine Polacheck at Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona earlier this year and fell in love. This song has some real Massive attack vibes and is on high rotation in my household. My 4 year-old son especially loves this track!

Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor – Xtro

Two local talents who deserve many accolades for the music they create. Techno and electro come together in an absolute banger of a track.

Image of Club 77 director Dane Gorrel holding a small puppy

Dane Gorrel

Cousin - On2

Unsolicited Joints - Joint 4

POSM - With The Birds

Precious Bloom - Consequences

Delano Smith - Ode To A Friend (Tribute To Mike Huckaby)

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