DJ PGZ Brings His Favourite Djs Together Under The Same Roof This September At Club 77

DJ PGZ September Residency
Talia Jimenez
DJ PGZ Brings His Favourite Djs Together Under The Same Roof This September At Club 77

The Gunai/Kurnai & Yorta Yorta artist, DJ and producer DJ PGZ showcases his love for underground club sounds from around the world through his selection of diverse artists from across so-called Australia.

Club 77’s In Residence series is in for a big September with DJ PGZ taking the reins, inviting fresh faces and favourites each Saturday and ending with a massive all night long on the final evening. Known for his genre bending style that is hard hitting and forward thinking. His sets explore the contemporary works of Black and Brown producers in dance music, fusing hard techno with dark, sparse and bass heavy drum syncopations.

Joining him will be the likes of Afrodisiac, DJ Ali, Baby G, Brown Suga Princess, dameeeela, Jungist, KSMBA, Lizzynice, naycab b2b WVCHWY and Tangela.

“The vision for this residency at club77 is about me putting on folks that have had a hand in helping me get to where I am, and also selecting some of my new favourite DJs who I haven’t seen play before in this place who I thought would be a good match for NRG together. Club77 is one of my favourite nightclubs in the country of so-called Australia so I can’t wait for everyone to be under the same roof.”

DJ PGZ has quickly become a well respected member of our local scene with releases on Pure Space, and as a mainstay of the club and festival circuit playing multiple Boiler Room’s, Strawberry Fields, Sun Cycle, Pitch and Hopkins Creek to name a few. He composed a live set earlier this year with the Grand Organ in Melbourne Town Hall and has recently returned to Aus after a stint in Europe playing at HÖR and OHM nightclub in Berlin.

Alongside an illustrious DJ and production career, DJ PGZ has been busy in the community through his work as a radio presenter (Good Static on Triple R), filmmaker (Young Mob Questioning Treaty), drummer (DRMNGNOW & Kee’ahn) and co-curator of the BLK ICE event series.

Kicking off the residency hard and fast, joining DJ PGZ for the opening night will be;

KSMBA, a fresh face on the Naarm scene. A classically trained musician with an ear for percussive, hypnotic and gritty sounds exploring rhythm and movement with their sets. Quickly making a name for themselves with recent shows at Miscellania, SubClub, Revolver Upstairs and an Eora debut at the Metro Theatre supporting Stüm for a sold out show.

dameeeela, really needs no introduction as a former Club 77’s In Residence alumni herself, a multi-hyphenate DJ, producer, radio host, Yuggera women. A captivating performer and seasoned DJ based in Meanjin / Brisbane. It’s no wonder dameeeela has steadily amassed a following and reputation as one of the city's most in-demand selectors. Her debut single “The Shake Up ft. Tjaka' gaining her worldwide recognition, bringing the sounds of the didgeridoo to dance floors across the globe.  

DJ Ali, former West Coast B-Boy currently based in Naarm, DJ Ali’s Chicago-influenced mixes of hard beats and dirty baselines have earned him a loyal following in the house music scene. He began playing records in the early 90’s and has continued to hone his craft as both DJ and producer since then, continually developing his signature danceable style.

Second up, for an evening of chunky basslines, bass and breaks;

Tangela, a DJ, radio host & co-founder dstreet, club < and citrus. Tangela’s name has become synonymous with the growth of Sydney / Eora’s ever-blossoming dance communities. From running events in DIY warehouse spaces, hosting a heaving Saturday night slot on the city’s iconic FBi Radio 94.5FM, playing headline shows, recent streams on Boiler Room and HöR and a debut Europe tour. With a focus on depth and stripped back, bass heavy rhythms. Tangela plays across genres & tempos in unexpected ways, telling stories through intricate soundscapes.

Brown Suga Princess is the newest force plunging her way into the bass world. Effortlessly combining UKG, booty bass and jungle with South Asian riffs, Brown Suga Princess will use her one-of-a-kind sound to move a dance floor towards hot & dirty bliss. In a Brown Suga Princess set you can expect to discover music from the depths of the internet or the depths of nostalgia woven into a 140-driven narrative that is both emotional and dance-focussed.

Jungist, Born in Hong Kong and Eora based, Jungist  is a DJ, producer and promoter. Co-founder of Decay Audio, Jungist pushes for underground and experimental music. Her selections are broad, yet maintain a broody, grittiness. Often setting the scene with cinematic soundscapes, noise and ambience; Jungist finds a way to bring it back to dark drum and bass and hypnotic rhythms. Jungist is inspired by urban life, the queer community, sound system culture and resistance movements. Her productions are spacey, industrial and dubby with a healthy dose of breaks and bass.  Jungist's debut release "Dark Room" features on Sydney-Based "water label" Bass Water Freak Out.

The third weekend, continuing with the fresh and exciting curation,

naycab going b2b with WVCHWY. A proud Kalkadungu and Bidjira man of Mt. Isa and Carnarvon Gorge, currently based in Naarm (Melbourne), WVCHWY is multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter. Raised amidst the captivating beats and rhythms of their ancestral land, WVCHWY has evolved into a dynamic house DJ, driven by an unwavering passion to share the sounds of Indigenous culture. naycab is a Gunai/Kurnai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta artist and writer, recently playing prestigious Naarm venues, Miscelania and Sub Club.

RONA. is the electronic project of Kaytetye musician and producer Rona Glynn-McDonald. Splitting her time between 4Central Australia and Melbourne, RONA. creates sounds for the ongoing journey of finding a place between many worlds, and the necessity of feeling connected to where, and who, you are. RONA. explores connections between the industrial dance floors of Naarm to the soundscapes and rhythms of her home.

For the final weekend of invites, an allstar crew from Naarm,

Afrodisiac, known to mix Afrocentric sounds that are evocative and left-field with her sets spanning all forms of house music, electronica, techno, d&b. A versatile dj, just as at home in a heaving club as a bustling bar, or a vibrant art gallery. Afrodisiac is always armed with an extensive library of music ready to soundtrack any environment. Her recent productions have featured on compilations for Phenomena and Amniote Editions. As a producer, Afrodisiac’s animated compositions feature eccentric rhythms, melodies, and basslines that meld together for a turbulent exploration of electronic music.

Baby G is a DJ, producer and instrumentalist from Aotearoa, based in so-called Melbourne. Focused on energy and pace, Baby G’s selections are guided by her experience as a drummer and musician. Droning bass, hypnotic textures and samples are met with driving percussion, navigating listeners through shifting moods and rhythms. Baby G has firmly cemented herself in the scene through performances at Pitch Music and Arts, Hopkins Creek and more. She also released debut EP ‘Heavy Curb’ through Melbourne/London based label Phenomena Records late last year.

Lizzynice, the Nuestro Planeta co-founder has established herself as an exciting, genre-noncomforming, and invigorating DJ, while carving out more representative and diverse spaces in her local Melbourne scene. Since its inception in 2018, Nuestro Planeta has been a conscious platform that seeks to empower and lift up voices and artists that are predominately LGBTQI+, First Nations, Black, and People of Colour. Lizzy isn’t afraid of a bit of bass, some breaks and local rap, and hosts radio shows on Skylab Radio, Hope St Radio and is a regular on the Naarm club circuit.

And finally, bringing it home on the fifth and final Saturday of his residency will be a special all night long from DJ PGZ.

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