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About Us

With a 25-year legacy as Sydney's most iconic venue, Club 77 stands as a cornerstone of local nightclub culture, championing electronic music through top-tier parties and collaborations with artists and DJs, while fostering an inclusive, safe space for all.

Entry Policy

Club 77 expects all patrons to be acquainted with the night's event and our policies. Entry is at our discretion, with a focus on supporting queers and other marginalized communities. As we near capacity, priority is given to our regular visitors.If you're turned away, please understand it's not a reflection on you personally—respect the decision without taking offense.

Ticketing & Reservations

In order to make our events more accessible for everyone we do not offer pre-sale ticketing to our events. Tickets can only be purchased on arrival at our door. However we do offer a very limited amount of discount early bird tickets through Resident Advisor for most events.

Safety & Harassment Policy

Club 77 is dedicated to fostering a safe, welcoming environment for all patrons and staff, enforcing a strict no-harassment policy. Our venue is not a place for unwanted advances; such behavior will promptly attract security intervention. We aim not just to react to incidents but to proactively educate our visitors on respectful conduct within our spaces. Interaction is encouraged, provided it starts with clear verbal consent. To further ensure safety, a designated 'Safety Officer' in a pink hi-vis vest is always on hand to address any concerns or incidents of harassment, with a policy to immediately remove and report offenders to maintain a secure atmosphere. Club 77 values a culture of consent and welcomes constructive feedback to enhance our community's experience. Your safety is our priority, and we urge you to speak up against any discomfort or unsafe situations.

Lost Property

For all lost property enquiries please fill in this form

Accessibility & Inclusivity

As a forward-thinking organisation, we are not only passionate about live music, but also committed to inclusivity. Club 77 is a welcoming environment for all backgrounds, genders and members of the LGBTQI community - an innovative party environ and safe space for freedom and expression.

We operate a zero tolerance policy to racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ageism and any form of discrimination whatsoever. Our staff are trained to help create an LGBTQ+, NB & POC friendly environment and we are continuously striving to improve our efforts and policies in this direction. 


Club 77 prides itself on being one of the only nightclubs in N.S.W to operate under it's own Master Security License. This means our security team are not contracted from a 3rd party organisation, they are employed by and directly trained by Club 77. If you would like to discuss an interaction you've have with one of our security team members please email contact@club77.com.au.

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