The Records That Shaped CC:DISCO!

five tracks that have influenced her addictive sets
Henry Johnstone
The Records That Shaped CC:DISCO!

The Lisbon-via-Melbourne DJ fills us in on her new 3-track EP with Confidence Man, what it's like living in one of Europe's most invigorating cities, and the five tracks that have influenced her addictive sets.

You made the move to Lisbon a few years ago. What’s it like living there and how is the nightlife scene?

From the sun to the culture, Lisboa is so different from any city in the EU. I love having Brazilian, Cape Verde  and Angolan music culture embedded here. The cubbing scene is small but thriving - I’ve even started my own club night here, CLUB CCC, with two local heroes, DJ Caring and Chima Isaaro. It's all about the groove and no rules. We hold it in different spaces each time and it's been so nice to actually get involved with the community here instead of just being a bystander.

You’ve just released a three-track EP with Confidence Man, ‘Chez Moi (Waiting For You)’. How did the collaboration come about?

Janet Planet had been asking me for ages to get into the studio with her to work on a track and if you know her, you know she doesn't take no for an answer. Ever! After I wrote 'Out Of Your Mind', I showed Janet and within 30 seconds she had been humming a top line and recording it on her phone. It was so easy to work with her. She really is one of my most talented people in the scene.

How have the tracks been going down in your sets?

So great. The surprise one is 'Out Of Your Mind'. It was actually the first song I ever wrote and completed, so I really never thought it was good, but it really works every single time and Chez has been on rotation for almost a year now. It’s funny because people in the EU would be singing the words as if they knew it. It was really cute to watch people sing it when it hadn't even been released yet.

Outside of gigs, what have you got planned for your upcoming visit back home?

Get back to Yorta Yorta country and see the family. Also FOOD! You guys don’t know how good you have it.

Track of the year so far?

Last Magie - Release it. I fucking love it. It’s a vinyl only release from Semi Delicious.

Silverchair - Emotion Sickness | 1999

This is my childhood. Silverchair FFS, I love them. It was like we almost grew up together. Being of similar age, their albums became stepping stones of life. Each album was a new stage of life and how they grew with each album was incredible. Diorama and Neon Ballroom will always be my youth and playing in a band at that time we used to love covering them. And Killing Heidi too.

The Sound Of Blackness  - The Pressure (Frankie Knuckles remix) | 1991

The moment I heard this song it changed my life. The strings and the emotion that only American artists who created this genre could ever capture. This is a moment in time captured in song form - true storytelling that to this day people can still relate to in their lives. I was obsessed with America when I started to DJ. I would go on discovery trips all the time to buy records and see where this was created. I was happy I got to have that time. I really took my time with DJing and wanted to learn every genre I was playing. I also had a full tear up moment at Meredith when I stopped my set half way through and just played this in 2016.

John Farnham - Age of Reason | 1988

As a child this song was my everything and who knew that I would playing this around the world and people would always ask what the fuck it was, only to find out it was a huge hit in underground NYC scene. That was mind blowing, but also it’s a balearic masterpiece.

Tornado Wallace and Sui Zhen - Today | 2017

I realised the other day, when I wrote song a song that had a guitarist on it, how fucking hard it is to make it sound classy and this song came to mind. This is Melbourne! And it reminds me so much of home. I had a moment dancing to this at 6am in a club in Lisbon a few years ago. Hearing it on a good sound system you can hear how much went into this song. I love that it was a big club record as well and love that it was from Australia even more.

Womack and Womack - Teardrops | 1988

I will always love this song. It was the first disco song I saw on TV as a kid and literally remember being in a high chair watching. Weird right!? I remember Linda Womack. I was obsessed with her. She is everything to me, still to this day. The song is one of the best tunes ever written in my opinion.

CC:DISCO! headlines our Club 77 x Planet Trip Records party on Friday 8 September with Caravan and Mazzacles in support. More info here.

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