DJ JNETT plays 20 Questions

The Melbourne mainstay plays 20 Questions ahead of her set at 77.
Henry Johnstone
DJ JNETT plays 20 Questions

An integral fixture of Melbourne’s club scene, Janette Pitruzzello has spent decades honing her craft and amassing a deep and varied collection of records. Having worn many hats throughout her career – from vinyl slinger at the iconic Central Station Records, to hosting the ‘Are You Ready?’ program on Melbourne’s and ABC’s legendary music TV show ‘Recovery’ – her passion for music runs deep.

Ahead of her set at Club 77 this Sunday, we shot twenty rapid fire questions over to Janette to find out what makes her tick and what she’s vibing at the moment. Let’s go!

1. Your most treasured memory from the ‘Recovery’ days?

My feature on the Apollo Festival.

Flava Flave wandering off in the ABC corridors while the rest of crew waited in the mini bus desperate to get to the airport. Chuck D said he does it all the time and they were so close to leaving without him!

Jarvis Cocker sitting in and co-hosting my segment with me. He was the best!

2. Favourite film of the last 6 months?

Jumanai Manna

3. The TV series you can’t stop watching?

Claws and Gardening Australia

4. The last book you read?

Joe Dispenza – ‘Becoming Supernaturall'

5. Best album of 2022 so far?

Satoshie Tomiie – Abstract Nature

6. The first CD, vinyl or cassette you remember buying?

Midnight Star – ‘Planetary Invasion’ (cassette)

Prince – ‘Purple Rain’ (LP)

7. The Beatles or Elvis?

The Beatles

8. Favourite house track of the '90s?

So many, come on now! I am not a fan of picking one favourite as this is my era, but if I have to pick just one, off the cuff I will say ‘Deep Inside My Mind’ by Jovonn.

9. The last DJ you danced to? Where?

Ryan (Love Above) at the Toff in Town.

10. The song you wish you’d written?

Jovonn – ‘Deep Inside My Mind’

11. Is there such a thing as the ‘underground’ anymore?


12. The last time you had an uncontrollable laughing fit?

Laying in the crystal clear water at a beach club in Bali. I laughed so hard and so much that I almost drowned.

13. A track that never fails to win over the dance floor?

Donell Pitman – ‘Love Explosion’

King Britt Presents Sylk 130 Featuring Alma Horton – ‘Happiness’

14. The thing that annoys you the most about the music industry?

Snakey industry people masking as fam.

15. Why is radio still vital for music?

Community based radio is vital for music! Bringing awareness to wonderful non-commercial music.

16. Most inspiring person in the world right now?

Jonah Larson

17. Your favourite non-music podcast?

Who is Prakasaka

18. The best thing about being a DJ?

Being around happy people.

19. The biggest realisation you made while making your debut album ‘Wildlife’?

I would definitely prefer going dawless with a bunch of machines rather than staring at a computer.

20. When on the road you can’t do without?

Music, sleep and lots of laughter.

Listen to DJ JNETT on SoundCloud

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