A Love Supreme's 9 Dance Floor Weapons

Paulie Marinos and Benny Chiu share nine musical bombs from a decade of epic parties
Henry Johnstone
A Love Supreme's 9 Dance Floor Weapons

This Sunday night the two fellas behind one of Brisbane's most respected party series, A Love Supreme, are taking on headlining duties at Club 77 alongside residents Mike Who and Evie. In anticipation, Paulie and Benny share nine tracks that have defined their revered parties over the last ten years.

"To try and choose a small selection of songs to represent over a  decade of parties is kind of impossible. But the two of us got together and made a short list of iconic songs that forged some strong memories in our run of party throwing. They’re not deep cuts or musical flexes, more so the big tunes that hit the hardest." - Paulie & Benny

Azymuth - Jazz Carnival

Firstly, we would like to express our sadness in the passing of the great Mamao. He was one of a kind and our hearts go out to his loved ones and those closest to him. He truly was incredible and still playing and performing until the very end. We were so blessed to have met him and lucky enough to host him as a part of Azymuth for our 10 year anniversary party last year. Azymuth have always been a grail artist to us and Jazz Carnival is probably their most iconic song in our lives. It’s a true testament to how quality music can transcend time, over 40 years on and this song still slaps on the dance floor.

Luther Vandross - Never Too Much

There isn't too much to say about this one really. This tune is a nod to A Love Supreme OG, Alex Intas. He is THE all time Luther fan and there are a lot of memories of him bumping this tune to close sets and warm up parties back in the early days of A Love Supreme.

Yaron Gershovsky - Disco Baby

This jam has made its way into numerous sets throughout the years. It has a knack for making a room really get going. Floating Points was probably the first ,which is fitting as his imprint Melodies International were responsible for the 45 being reissued. He even had an edit he made with Red Greg.

Theo Parrish - What You Gonna Ask For

To start with, Theo is one of the greats. He is an all time favourite of ours and played a couple of wild parties for us in the past. This record is one that holds a special place in our hearts as we personally spun it repeatedly when it came out along with having Lori and some other familiar Australian crew take part in making of the record.

Joyce Wrice - Good Morning (Benedek remix)

A tour that funnily enough got coined the 'Special Moments Tour' took place in early 2018 featuring Joyce Wrice, MNDSGN, Ivan Ave, Benedek and SilentJay & Jace XL. We were deep in the sauce of this particular version of this song around that time. This party in Boomtown was an all timer and was, as the name of the tour would suggest, very special. Being able to connect with everyone performing and see them connect with each other made for some memorable times.

Oddisee - Skipping Rocks

The first ever A Love Supreme party was hosting this talented beat maker and MC. It was in the carpark out the back of the Chiu boys shop. Oddisee killed it. The vibe was so high that we thought maybe this is something that could happen again. An ode to our hip hop roots and our love for soul. Ten years later, Skipping Rocks is still the tune we have bumped the most from that first party.

Gilberto Gil - Palco

Both of us are pretty open about our love of Brazilian music. There is a particular energy and bump with music from Brazil that you can’t really find anywhere else. Gilberto Gil is up there with the best of them. This song in particular was another one sneaking its way into our ears a lot over time. And to top it off, John Gomez closed his first A Love Supreme party with this jam and everyone really lost their mind.

Stephen Encinas - Disco Illusion

Another big reissue this time coming from the Invisible City crew. When we opened our record store which we had briefly  this record was back in the ears of many for a hot minute and found itself on regular rotation in the laneway our store was in. To top it off, Invisible City actually played the party we threw to celebrate opening the store. Slim Charles aka Big Craigy made a pretty epic appearance at that one too.

Sampology Feat. Tiana Khasi - Thicker Than Water

Sampo is one of the biggest supporters and advocates of the parties and music coming out of our city. His impact on us also can’t be understated. He has always been there in many different ways to lean on when we need him and If he is in town, he will be at the party without fail. Both Sam and Tiana have both played a number of parties for us and killed it every damn time. This song is just as killer and has to be on this list.

A Love Supreme DJs play Sundays at 77 alongside Mike Who and Evie on Sunday 23 April. Details here.

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