Mintox plays 20 Questions

Mooro born, Naarm based DJ Mintox has been delivering her scintillating brand of futuristic-bush-doof energy ever since she first appeared on the scene.
Henry Johnstone
Mintox plays 20 Questions

Mooro born, Naarm based DJ Mintox has been delivering her scintillating brand of futuristic-bush-doof energy ever since she first appeared on the scene. Ahead of her set at 77 this weekend, Mintox gives us a glimpse into her cultural milieu.

1. The best thing about being a DJ?

A real sense of community, wherever you may be!

2. Your most memorable gig of 2023?

Would have to be from Boorloo/Perth silly season, playing as part of Bong Girls for NESTFM and Smoked Trout’s Boxing Gay Bi-Athlon. Bong Girls, for anyone who is unfamiliar, is four girliepops throwing down the likes of a jungle edit of ‘Fix You’ into a ‘Haarlem Shake’ UKG bootleg into chopped and screwed ‘Take Me To The Clouds Above’ for hours on end with no shame. Best paired with an ice cold Vodka Cruiser amongst besties.

3. The last book you read?

In classic ADHD fashion, I always seem to have five books on the go, but the last one I finished was A Real Piece of Work by Erin Riley. It’s a collection of essays that function as a really tender exploration of finding self acceptance and chosen family, as well as navigating life in all its messiness, hurt and joy alike. Would recommend!

4. The release you’re most looking forward to this year?

Too many to mention, but gotta shout out my friends James and Warwick of ONO Records, who have just announced the first of a number of forthcoming releases for 2024 - a blue flower by EDN. If you’re on an Acopia or HTRK tip, this one's for you.

5. Favourite film of the last 6 months?

There’s nothing like an ugly cry alone in a cinema, and Past Lives delivered.

6. A track you haven’t been able to stop listening to lately?

‘Sand In My Shoes’ by Dido.

7. A favourite track or album to soundtrack a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Gabriel by G.S. Schray.

8. Favourite gig of 2023?

Theo Parrish all day long as part of the Eighty-Six Festival. My friend Nathan and I were a tragic and embarrassing level of hungover before going, but I feel like the atmosphere quickly reincarnated us into party goblins.

9. One of your all-time favourite tunes?

'Twister (Act of God edit)' by Severed Heads. Freaky, tweaky and my idea of dance floor hedonism.

10. The last meal that blew you away?

To the untrained eye, it would be Wines of While, but to the keen observer it would be the last time my housemate brought home leftovers from their hospo job on a Sunday afternoon.

11. If you could go back in time you would…?

grab eleven year old me by the shoulders, shake furiously and plead that I continue learning the piano instead of giving it up for an ill-fated crack at the trombone! Either that or something insanely chaotic like dropping into Salem, 1692 with nothing but a Bop-It in tow. Can’t see myself beating the witchcraft allegations but it would be one hell of a ride.

12. The last time you had an uncontrollable laughing fit?

Just over a year ago, kicking on after the wedding of two beautiful friends. Whatever happened in that room has to stay in that room, but my stomach has never been so sore from laughter in my life.

13. Something you never get tired of? ]

Bun Bo Xao. Not that I’ve tested the theory, but I think I could eat it every day for the rest of my life with no regrets.

14. What’s the best thing about growing up in Perth?


15. Who is someone that continues to inspire you and why?

Not just one person, but the many friends in my life who lead by example through their activism, advocacy and compassion. They push me to continue to learn and leave my comfort zone, and I’m grateful for it every day.

16. The last non-music podcast you were addicted to?

Have to confess I’m not a huge podcast person - it’s like how some people love or hate ASMR, people yapping in my ears either puts me to sleep or wigs me out. Community radio all the way baby!

17. The TV show you’re obsessed with?

What We Do In The Shadows.

18. What would you like to have accomplished in the next five years?

To have gotten my driver's license (passenger princesses rise up) and to see a lot more of the world, seeing as nearly all of my plans to do so have been in some way thwarted, COVID or otherwise. I also have been saying I’m going to release an EP for an eternity but never really got around to it, so consider this my five year countdown!

19. What makes you happiest?

Spewing absolute drivel with friends, preferably in a park with a yummy bottle of wine.

20. The best place in Perth for a cheap and cheerful, delicious meal?

Manise on William Street, Northbridge.

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