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Wavyrager plays 20 Questions

Our Friday night resident gives us the skinny on some of his favourite music, his biggest inspiration, and where to find the best dumplings in Sydney.

Wavyrager plays 20 Questions

1. Can you recall the moment when you fell in love with music?

It was during a church service, specifically during the praise and worship segment. This was the setting where the magic of music truly captured my heart and soul.

2. The best thing about DJing is?

Its power to transcend boundaries and create a shared emotional journey through the music. It's a profound connection with the crowd and weaves a magical tapestry of human experience, leaving a lasting impact even after the music stops.

3. The last book you read?

The Beauty Of Everyday Things by Soetsu Yanagi. For whenever I find myself in a creative process or in need of inspiration. It's a book that resonates with me.

4. Best album of 2023 so far?

Heaven by Cleo Sol. Big vibes!

5. Favourite film of the last 6 months?

Tar is a film that truly intrigued me, offering a unique and somewhat unsettling viewing experience. Cate Blanchett's portrayal of Lydia Tar added a compelling layer to the film's complexity, leaving a lasting impression. Personally, I feel that acting and painting are some of the purest forms of art, as they bring so much depth and emotion to the canvas of storytelling.

6. A track you haven’t been able to stop listening to lately?

SZA’s 'Snooze'. And Kelela’s 'Enough for Love'.

7. A favourite track or album to soundtrack a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Chassol's Indiamore is an excellent choice for a lazy Sunday afternoon soundtrack. It's fascinating how Chassol weaves melodies from everyday conversations and sounds. The album has become a staple in my Sunday routine for the past few months. Check out the track 'Music is God My Love'.

8. Describe your DJ sound in three words.

Seamless, infectious, naughty.

9. What is one of your favourite '90s records?

D’Angelo’s 'Brown Sugar' - it's smooth and soulful sound possesses a timeless quality.

10. Who was the last DJ you danced to and where was it?

Moopie and Ciara at Sevs!

Wavyrager plays 20 Questions

11. If I could go back in time I would…?

I would not choose to do so. My focus remains on the present and the future, as I believe that's where my greatest opportunities for growth and fulfilment lie.

12. The last time you had an uncontrollable laughing fit?

Sometime last week, I think.

13. A track that never fails to win over the dance floor?

Skin On Skin's 'Burn Dem Bridges'

14. Sydney needs more of…?

Live jazz music spots.

15. Who is someone that continues to inspire you and why?

I find ongoing inspiration in my mother. Her strength, resilience, and inner beauty continue to amaze me. She exemplifies the qualities of courage and grace, and her unwavering support and love have been a constant source of inspiration throughout my life.

16. The last non-music podcast you were addicted to?

Andrew Humberman Lab. Still addicted!

17. The TV show you’re obsessed with?


18. What would you like to have accomplished in the next five years?

My current objective is to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between agency and gratitude, as well as empowerment and humility. I view these as fundamental pillars for nurturing a healthy sense of self. Over the next five years, my goal is to attain a profound level of comprehension and mastery in these four crucial domains.

19. What makes me happiest is…?

What brings me the greatest joy is engaging in activities such as exercising, learning, and spending quality time with friends. These pursuits, whether they nurture my physical well-being, expand my knowledge.

20. The best place in Sydney for a cheap and cheerful, delicious meal?

Chinese Dumpling Noodle House in Newtown.


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