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Top 10 Tracks: Barney and Reenie

Ahead of their mammoth 10+ hour B2B set at Club 77 this Friday we asked legendary Sydney/Eora selectors Barney (Kato) and Reenie to give us a Top 10 Tracks list, but with a bit of a twist. Reenie has given us a list of her 'Top 10 Barney Tracks' and Barney in turn, has given us his list of 'Top 10 Reenie Tracks'.


Reenie's Top 10 Barney Tracks

Beastie Boys - Sounds of Science (c. 1989, Capitol)

Ok so we have here a Beastie Boys track with Beatles samples complete with a Fila diss? (Rock my Adidas, never rock Fila) Count me in. Also there’s been some good car singalongs with Barney to this one when it inevitably appears on my drive playlist. it’s also off my fav Beastie record!

Plez - Can’t Stop (Acid Rain) (c. 1988, Plezure Records)

Synths are like NNWWWUUUUUEEEOOOWWWWW and it’s a dishwasher kind of stomper. Seen this melt a few dance floors Barney’s played at so definitely one for the books, it smashed it at Sly fox (rip). Enjoy the ride!

Skepta - Doin' It Again (c. 2011, Boy Better Know)

This one of more of a Barney than a Reenie tune but we love a tasteful electro vocal.

Meco - Star Wars Theme/Cantina (c. 1977, RCA)

Ok no lie I once saw Barney play this at the Lansdowne to close his set but mixed it into Inspector Norse and I’m calling it was the best mix I’ve ever seen in my life. Also Star Wars slaps.

Jimmy "Bo" Horne - Spank (c. 1978, Sunshine Sound Disco)

Christ this is a good tune. Thanks for letting me trainspot ya. SPANK.

New Order - World in Motion (c. 1990, Factory)

This tune very quickly became a ‘The George’ staple. Also it’s very inspirational so when Barney is singing along it makes for quite an uplifting car ride to the kick on.

Petra Haden - Superman Theme (c. 2013, Anti-Records)

Ok so no lie, the angriest patron I’ve literally even seen in my life was a guy who was not at all happy Barney ended his set with this tune. When I say I was cackling that is a gross understatement. Someone put a breakbeat under this asap.

Róisín Murphy- Let Me Know (c. 2007, EMI)

Heard Barney say once this is the most criminally underrated Roisin Murphy tune, I tend to agree. Also the top comment on Youtube says “no one can tell if this came out in 1995, 2007 or 2021” and straight up that’s a fact.

Hot Chip - Positive (c. 2020, Domino Records)

Lawd this is a good tune. Ok so as the story goes Barney and I love this track, there’s dolphins in the video, it’s Hot Chip, produced by Philippe Zdar, BUT one night after a party in 2020 we played this song on repeat at max volume from my car speakers and sang along so loudly for so long (the entire way from the party to Kingsford Maccas then to Redfern) that I woke up having completely lost my voice which didn’t return for nearly a week. WE GET TOGETHER SOMETIMES TALK ABOUT HOW WE USED TO GET TOGETHER SOMETIMES.


Barney's Top 10 Reenie Tracks

Beatfreaks - Boo Dem (c. 2020, Beatfreaks)

Particular songs don’t matter in the club we’re gonna be playing dance tracks and Reenie has many really good ones in her collection, I first met her in 2019 when I taught her a Dj lesson and she had way too much positivity and enthusiasm for a jaded old dude like me - generation why? Anyway now she’s about to be the first Dj student I’m playing 10 hours b2b with! We live in unprecedented times.

LoSoul - Chase Chase Chase (c. 1996, Playhouse)

The other day I went to her house and she played me 10 or so tracks with really cool bleeps and bloops in them I’m really excited for her to play Friday though her cat Venus wasn’t impressed.

Madonna - Ray of Light (Sasha Remix) (c. 1998, Warner)

We both like Madonna - I don’t try and dress like Madonna as often as Reenie though.

Ke$ha - Tik Tok (Untold Remix Dub) (c. 2009, Sony)

Reenie tried to be a tik tok star for a bit but she quit to focus on her deejaying, drumming, roller skating, skateboarding, university studies and collecting puffy shit.

Hot Chip - Let me be Him (c, 2012, Domino Records)

I like those kinda plump mushy hot chips particularly covered by gravy. Reenie loves the band Hot Chip and to be fair I’m a fan too .

Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk (c. 2010, Big Beat)

Wynter Gordon - dirty talk is the only wynter gordon song we agree on - what happened to wynter Gordon ? (ALSO DON'T WORRY WE'RE NOT GONNA PLAY THIS - OR ARE WE?).

Paul McCartney - Let'Em In (Jimi Bazzouka Edit) (c. 2006, Pandamaki Records)

Reenie will def sneak some Beatles in but seriously can't we move on?

Roy of the Ravers - EMOTINIUM (c. 2015, Acid Waxa)

Enough real music back to the bloops. Def trainspotted this from the Ree's set before Eden Burns a month ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6MWs1sXUpM

and then I trainspot the tracks she's already trainspotted.

Wordlife - Vision (c. 2012, Motorik Records)

Reenie is probably the online DJ in the world that still plays the old Wordlife stuff LOL.

The Chemical Brothers - Surrender To Love (A mix by The Avalanches) (c. 2020, UMG)

I'm not usually about backing the winners but this is mad.


Reenie and Barney (Kato) play Club 77, Friday 3rd June B2B all night long from 6:00pm - 4:30am.

More details here.