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Pablo Sánchez: Back on the road

Pablo Sánchez - Back on The Road - Club 77

Pablo Sánchez is an artist with a thirst for adventure. Hailing from Caracas in Venezuela, as a young man he packed his bags and moved to New York in the late ‘90s - the city’s halcyon era of clubbing and nightlife.

After carving a name for himself in the Big Apple, he gained a reputation globally as a

respected DJ and producer, playing at some of the best clubs and festivals and releasing music on outlets such as Culprit, liebe*detail, Sol Selectas and Moodmusic.

Pablo’s musical knowledge is deep and eclectic, which is reflected in his broad body of work. Catch him play in slow-mo mode at Club 77 this Thursday night as he headlines Tempo Comodo.


You moved to NYC from Caracas in the late 90s. What was the city like back then and how did it mould you as a DJ?

I moved to NYC in 1999 and for a kid coming from Caracas it was a pretty overwhelming experience. It really felt like waking up on a different planet (in the best possible way). I was lucky enough to land on a place in Brooklyn where my roommates were already DJing regularly and they quickly showed me the ropes and helped me navigate the local music scene of that era.

There were a couple of places that were church for us back then - Body & Soul on Sunday afternoons and Danny Tenaglia Fridays at a place called Vinyl. I think it was in those places where I first got to discover how a DJ could set the tone of a venue, take risks, gain the trust of an audience and create some sort of communion through music.

Similarly, what have you learned about music and the scene since living in Barcelona? What makes it such a special city for music lovers?

Barcelona is a very culturally diverse place and this translates to the music scene as well. If you are a music lover there is a place for you to go and dance no matter what style you are into.

Sonar is a sort of institution in Barcelona as it’s been there for well over two decades. It’s a really good festival to go and discover new artists, as it’s always been a great platform for emerging talent, giving them the chance to share stage with bigger, well established artists.

It’s been becoming more and more eclectic over the years which I think is great. The last time I played there was right before Janelle Monae - that’s an experience you don’t get at most electronic music festivals.

Back in 2020 you released ‘Revisions’ - a compilation of your remix work from 2010 – 2020. Reflecting on this body of work, did you make any realisations about your progression as an artist?

My studio has been getting more and more crowded with gear over the years and it was fun to dig through old remixes and remember how some of those were done with very limited resources - some with just a synth and a sampler, or just a laptop. Sometimes less really is more.

How has 2022 been for you? What have you been up to?

It’s been great to finally get back on the road and see the world again after two years. I was in the US last month and now here in Australia and next Bali. Before that I’ve been putting out new music on my label, sisternoise, always with guest friends on remix duties. I’m also working on new tunes for my ambient/guitar-based side project Mutant Joy.

You’re set to play Tempo Comodo at Club 77 in Sydney this month. Do you often get the

chance to play slower paced music?

I do, my favourite gigs are when you can play longer sets and get to start the night with an almost empty club and slowly build up as the place gets crowded. I really enjoy playing on the lower bpms side of music and exploring different sounds.

Name one of your favourite tracks under 110bpm that can destroy a dance floor.

One that came quickly to mind is Fred Wesley – ‘House Party’. Never fails.


Pablo Sánchez plays Tempo Comodo #24 Thursday 13th October 2022. Full event info HERE.


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