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Kate Doherty & Marc Demo: Top 10 Warm-up Set Tracks

Ahead of their upcoming b2b set Kate Doherty and Marc Demo give us their top 10 warm-up set tracklist

10 albums warm up tracks

Kate Doherty

1. Xiaolin - Lemuria

2. Obergman - Mirror Counterpart

3. Ryan Crosson & Cali Lanauze - Call me when you want (EC Get Higher Mix)

4. Dererk Carr - DJK (Pariter Version)

5. Levon Vincent - Niresa B


Marc Demo

1. Robert Babicz - Weekend

2. Polito - Ultraparallel

3. Steve O'Sullivan - Turf Wars (Original Mix)

4. Reptant - A Realist's Realistic Reality

5. Carl Finlow - The Oberth Effect


Don't miss Kate Doherty b2b Marc Demo along side Aurora Halal and Barney Kato on Sunday 17th March. Full event info HERE


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