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  • Henry Johnstone

Ciara plays 20 Questions

It's time to get to know one of our newest resident DJs.

When punters approach staff at a club and enthusiastically enquire, "who is this playing now?", it's often the telltale sign of a great DJ. This is precisely what happened at 77 last Friday when one of our newest residents, Ciara, was throwing down one of her typically vibey sets.

Carving a name for herself in the local grassroots nu-rave scene, Ciara has become a regular in Sydney’s dance circuit. She sources her inspiration for DJing from years of parties past, floating playfully between breakbeat, house, 90s techno and UKG.

Ahead of her set at the club this Friday alongside Deepa and Maggie Tra, we shot twenty rapid fire questions over to Ciara to find out what makes her tick. Here's what came back.


1. Can you recall the moment when you fell in love with dance music?

When Mel C came out with ‘I Turn to You’ post The Spice Girls. That music video and also Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ - dead. That era of 90s film clips with strong female vocals and time lapsed sky shots on Rage changed the game for real. I'm having a mental blank, but there was the one (probably more than one) where the lady is singing out of the sun roof of a limousine? Also the hot-girls-playing-sport music video era of the early 2000s, like ‘Toca’s Miracle’ and ‘It Just Wont Do’ by Tim Deluxe. I hope these are on the golden record in space so the aliens know that humans fucked with this.

2. The best thing about being a DJ is?

Getting paid to listen to music! Like whhaaaattttt?! Pinch me.

3. The last book you read?

'Kitchen' by Banana Yoshimoto. I forget the plot, but when think about it I get that lump in the throat sad feeling, so it obviously moved me very deeply. Also 'All About Love' by Bell Hooks, 'cause love makes the world go round baby!

4. The best album of 2023 so far?

‘The Sound of Bed-Stuy’. It's a soundtrack to a short film about sound system culture during pandemic NYC.

5. Favourite film you've watched in the last 6 months?

'I’m No Longer Here' (2000). Go on Netflix right now and watch this!

6. A track you haven’t been able to stop listening to lately?

'Fire (Sunrise Version)' by The Prodigy. But after this questionnaire it's probably going to be 'I Turn to You' by Mel C.

7. Your favourite track or album to soundtrack a lazy Sunday afternoon?

'Sound of Bed-Stuy' as per question 4. Or Anthony Hamilton's 'Charlene (It's Me DJ Mellow Drum Remix)' if I’m feeling emo.

8. Cats or dogs?

I’m obligated to say dogs because I have a dog, but to be honest I think being a cat person is an underrated flex.

9. Your favourite techno track from the 90s?

'East Light Pt. 2' by Surgeon. It feels like…a sunrise over a dance floor.

10. Who was the last DJ you danced to and where was it?

Honey Point at Farewell Prom...enough said! Viva la Honey Point!

11. If I could go back in time I would…?

Probably try and get back to present time without doing anything freaky. Time travel is a no from me dog. 10 toes down on the timeline at all times.

12. The last time you had an uncontrollable laughing fit?

When I saw this cabinet.

13. A track that never fails to win over the dance floor?

'Bound 2' by Kanye West

14. Sydney needs more of…? And less of?

More north/south/east/west border permeation. Less haters.

15. Who is someone that continues to inspire you?

My nephew Kaharoa Tolentino. He’s 6-months old and every week he gets a little IOS update. The human condition be conditioning.

16. The last non-music podcast you were addicted to?

Nymphet Alumni.

17. The TV show you can’t stop watching?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, forever.

18. Something that really gets on your nerves?

I jump scare very easily, does that count? It doesn’t make me mad but it's definitely disruptive to my nervous system.

19. What makes me happiest is…

Gazing / dawdling / frolicking...anything that elicits a feeling of awe. Extra points if it's in the sun, double points if with friends.

20. The best place in Sydney for a cheap and cheerful, delicious meal?

Bibimbar Korean on Abercrombie Street.


Ciara plays Fridays at 77 on Friday 12th May alongside Deepa and Maggie Tra. More event details can be found HERE.

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