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Thursday 20 April

Tempo Comodo #49 w/ Trent Rackus, OnlyLUCA, Henners & Whitecat

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free Entry all Night

Tempo Comodo #49 is a nice diverse lineup, with Trent Rackus making his TC debut with a slow disco warmup, a long anticipated return set from OG resident Henners, who’s been out of country for a bit, a second time round from Mantra Collective’s Whitecat and TC regular OnlyLUCA closing out proceedings for the evening.

A versatile talent spanning Australia's coasts, meticulously crafts auditory journeys rooted in downtempo drums, melodic house, and ethnic vibrations. With an unwavering commitment to breaking genre barriers, he captivates dance floors and ignites the collective spirit. From WA's Solouk residency to Noemenia festival's Bedouin tent and Shahrokh events, OnlyLUCA continues to carve an illustrious path through the nation's pulsating music landscape.

Embodying the vibrant spirit of Australian dance culture, Whitecat, a founding force of Mantra Collective, has forged a lasting legacy in the realm of deep house and tech. With an unrelenting dedication to his craft, he masterfully curates immersive soundscapes that resonate across Sydney's thriving party scene, cementing his position as both an artistic luminary and an enduring presence on the dance floor.

Tempo Comodo:

Evolved from Phil Smart’s innovative and well received ‘Slow Dance Experiment’ concept, Tempo Comodo is a new party series further exploring the slower realms of danceable beats. From 70bpm downtempo to midtempo chug, anything under 120bpm is fair game as long as it's made for dancing! Getting down to slower tempos opens up a whole new world of space, rhythm and movement. Come and join the slow dance revolution as we venture deep into a diverse musical universe of varied subgenres, influences and styles. Expect slo-haus, post-nudisco, chillrave, chuggy low-slung grooves, and any slo-mo superlative you can throw into the mix.

Trent Rackus




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Thursday 20 April


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