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Thursday 18 May

Tempo Comodo #53 w/ Henners, Suzie Q, Phil Sure & Cosmo K

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free Entry all Night

Tempo Comodo #53 sees the return from a long overseas hiatus of one of the original Tempo Comodo DJs and resident wordsmith for Club 77, Henners. He’ll be joined by another pair of TC faves, Phil Sure & Cosmo K, along with a queen of all things funky and soulful, Suzie Q, who’s been bringing us beautiful music since the heady days of Sydney rave.

Cosmo K:

Newcastle's very own, once the mastermind behind "the Social" parties and co-host of spacecakes (ex) orbitalradio alongside Phil Sure, this DJ's been a staple at local events like Coloursound & Floor0. With a deep love for early breaks (1995-2005), their recent sets bring a fresh mix of UK garage & electro vibes, all while paying homage to those classic breakbeats. Get ready to groove!


This is a DJ bio for Henners. He is what you might call a confused DJ, loving everything from house and disco to downtempo and oddball delights. He has played lots of parties and venues in Sydney like the Slyfox, Cafe Del Mar, Cherry Bar, S.A.S.H, Club 77, Vivid LIVE and Lost Paradise festival. In 2019 he launched Lazydaze - a mix series traversing the spectrum of armchair electronica: ambient, downbeat, trip-hop, slo-mo jams…you get the idea. Sometimes he writes about dance music.

Suzie Q:

Suzie Q has been a force to be reckoned with since the early '90s, seamlessly bridging the gap between London and Sydney. With her unwavering commitment to vinyl and a flair for blending genres with finesse, Suzie Q delivers top-notch, eclectic mixes that never cease to leave the dancefloor mesmerized. Immerse yourself in her captivating sets, and let the irresistible allure of Suzie Q's vinyl enchantment take over.

Suzie Q

Cosmo K


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Thursday 18 May


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