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Thursday 15 February

Club 77 x Astral People: SHAPES w/ Caucasian Opportunities b2b Halfqueen (ALL NIGHT LONG) + Special Guests

9:00pm - 3:00am | Free entry all night 

This Thursday at Club 77, we’re filling that shape sized hole in your heart ALL NIGHT LONG 

Unapologetic and empowering, Caucasian Opportunities & Halfqueen are taking you for a spin before Mardi Gras officially kicks off! Expect genre bending and ass shaking!

9:00pm - 3:00am with free entry all night. Don't miss this one. 

Caucasian Opportunities


Club Policies

Club 77 Contact

This event takes place on stolen land. Free entry for First Nations people. No one left behind due to lack of funds. Free entry is offered for those who require it. DM via socials or email for access

Club 77 is an ally to the queer/trans community and a safe space for freedom and expression. We have zero tolerance for transphobia, homophobia and racism. If you cannot respect those around you please do not attend.

Thursday 15 February


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