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Thursday 11 May

Tempo Comodo #52 w/ Ben Pailas, Alex Silva, Robbie Lowe & Marley Sherman

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free Entry all Night

Tempo Comodo #52 is quite a delicious DJ combo commotion, with Ben Pailas and Alex Silva mixing it up together for the first 5 hours, while Robbie Lowe and Marley Sherman take us through to close over the final five hours with their own mix of slomo house and other downtempo treats.

Robbie Lowe:

Embodied with an unwavering passion since his 1993 debut, Robbie Lowe stands as a beloved figure in Australian dance music. His versatile sound and technical prowess, rooted in the '90s progressive house scene, have graced iconic parties and international stages alike, earning him accolades from legends like Sasha and John Digweed. Alongside Matt Rowan, Robbie's captivating productions continue to captivate dancefloors, while his infectious energy and love for music shine through in every performance.

Ben Pailas:

Navigating effortlessly between Sydney, Newcastle, and the after-hours, Ben Pailas is a driving force behind the vibrant ColourSound collective. Devoted to groove-laden rhythms, his sets boast powerful kicks, swinging hats, and robust claps. With a dynamic presence on the dance floor, Ben has graced renowned Sydney parties like SAS*H, WeLove, and Slyfox, as well as the prestigious Subsonic Music Festival in New South Wales, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the scene.

Robbie Lowe

Ben Pailas

Marley Sherman

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Thursday 11 May


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