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Sunday 11 June

Sundays at 77 w/ DJ Kiti, Mazzacles & Barney Kato

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free entry on guest list before 11pm | $20.00 after, door sales only

DJ Kiti:

Melbourne / Naarm's own daughter, Kiti, began her DJ journey in 2002, her diverse stylings rooted in her enduring romance with music. From a youthful collector to a vocal choir member, from orchestrating notes to pioneering club nights like Roxy and Loud, Kiti's journey personifies the rhythm of the city itself. She's shared the stage with techno and house maestros like DJ Hell, Nina Kraviz, and many others, harmonizing Melbourne's nightlife with her vibrant beats. From Berlin's Watergate to staple Melbourne and Sydney parties like Dimension and Machine, her symphony echoes across cities, across continents. And now, amplifying her voice further, Kiti has launched her own imprint, Hot Psycho Records - a bold move, a new beat in her everlasting dance with music.


Mazzacles, also known as Madi, is an Eora-based DJ revered for her eclectic and infectious blend of jersey, breakbeat, electro, house, Miami bass, italo disco, funk, and more. As a multi-talented artist, she captivates listeners both on the dance floor and over the airwaves with her regular hosting and production on FBI Radio.

Barney Kato:

Combining classic dancefloor elements and cutting-edge sounds with an encyclopedic music knowledge, Kato has maintained a revered presence in the Australian dance music scene for almost 15 years.

DJ Kiti


Barney Kato

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Happy Hou

Sunday 11 June


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