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Saturday 1 July

Club 77 w/ Mike Who b2b Myles Mac (Melbourne Deepcast) & Evie

6:00pm - 4:30am | Free entry on guest list before 11pm | $25.00 after, door sales only.

Myles Mac:
Australian DJ Myles Mac, co-founder of Melbourne Deepcast and one half of Project 95, has been a vital force in Naarm's underground scene for over 15 years. Notable for hosting international artists under Body Contact and his popular Lost Weekend club night, Mac is a revered party curator. He's regularly showcased his skills globally, from Berlin to Bali, and in esteemed festivals like Rainbow Serpent and Pitch Music & Arts. Together with DJ Camov in Project 95, they frequently delight clubgoers with their 90s house sets at venues across Australia.

Mike Who:

Founder of the respected Planet Trip Records, Mike Who’s eclectic sound palette allows him to take dance floors in any direction he’s feeling, be it slow-burning reggae, street soul, hip hop and tropical melters all the way through to obscure boogie, disco and the soulful side of house music.

With an unwavering passion for all things balearic and downtempo alongside life-affirming house and disco oddities, Evie is one of the most exciting talents among Sydney’s newest generation of DJs

Myles Mac

Mike Who


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Saturday 1 July


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