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Monday 8 May

Mondays at 77 w/ Reenie b2b Finlay & Colin Ho

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free Entry all Night


Vinyl pusher, FBi radio host and DJ, Reenie has a talent for blending the eccentric and eclectic into a cosmic journey through sound, bringing a classical percussion approach to music curation to entice her ever-growing circle of appreciators.


Eora-based DJ, punter, and promoter, Finlay, carves his niche by pioneering the Nerve parties - an eclectic mix of DIYs, club nights, and day parties centered around house music. A passionate supporter of local club culture, his expertise in spinning house records amplifies his growing presence. As a rising talent, Finlay continues to make waves in the ever-evolving world of the Australian electronic music scene.

Colin Ho:

Colin Ho is a DJ based in Sydney, on unceeded Gadigal and Darug lands. Alongside Lorna Clarkson and Teresa Tan, he is one of three co-hosts, co-DJs and co-producers of Down Low Disco on 2SER radio, playing new, unreleased and forward-facing electronic music across styles, genres and bpms. This free-genre sensibility extends to his DJing - tending towards syncopated rhythms and warm, spaced-out, subby and dubby sounds.


Colin Ho


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Happy Hour

Monday 8 May


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