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Monday 7 August

Mondays at 77 w/ Simon Caldwell, Toaka & Mondowun

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free Entry all Night

Simon Caldwell:

Simon Caldwell, a versatile DJ since the early 1990s, is acclaimed for his eclectic musical tastes. He's shared stages with internationals like James Brown and Theo Parrish. A regular at FBI Radio and co-promoter of Sydney's Mad Racket, Simon has contributed to major platforms like Resident Advisor and Boiler Room. In 2014, he showcased his talent in Berlin, Russia, Hamburg, and London.


Toaka is a Tongan musician based in Eora/Sydney where he runs a label Soul Spill recordings. Harnessing the Polynesian spirit of story telling through music and rhythm, Toaka aims to build dance floors by connecting the roots of house music from across the globe, paying homage to the past whilst keeping a firm ear to the future.


Channeling the dual influences of his family’s native Portugal and his Australian upbringing, Mondowun’s productions and DJ sets combine the soundscape of the Australian bush with the vivid sound palette of Iberia. Developing his unique sound over the past few years, Mondowun delivers deep and driving moments on the dance floor that can take a twist or turn when least expected.

Simon Caldwell



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Monday 7 August


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