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Monday 5 June

Mondays at 77 w/ Body Corp, Mazzacles & Mondowun

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free Entry all Night

Body Corp: 

Eora-based musician and DJ, Marco Vella, a.k.a BODY CORP, leverages his extensive record collecting habit in his music production and DJing, both locally and globally. His zeal for live performance has graced venues from the Sydney Opera House to the UK with project Retiree.


Mazzacles, also known as Madi, is an Eora-based DJ revered for her eclectic and infectious blend of jersey, breakbeat, electro, house, Miami bass, italo disco, funk, and more. As a multi-talented artist, she captivates listeners both on the dance floor and over the airwaves with her regular hosting and production on FBI Radio.


Sydney-based graphic designer, Laurence Viegas, also known as music producer Mondowun, blends day job creativity with nocturnal passion. His record label, Soul Spill Recordings, showcases acid house and atmospheric sounds while promoting emerging artists. Inspired by 90's nostalgia, Laurence transcends the 9-5 life through music.

Body Corp



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Monday 5 June


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