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Monday 29 May

Mondays at 77 w/ Mike Who, Toaka & Tom Witheridge

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free Entry all Night

Mike Who: 

Founder of the respected Planet Trip Records, Mike Who’s eclectic sound palette allows him to take dance floors in any direction he’s feeling, be it slow-burning reggae, street soul, hip hop and tropical melters all the way through to obscure boogie, disco and the soulful side of house music.


Toaka is a Tongan musician based in Eora/Sydney where he runs a label Soul Spill recordings. Harnessing the Polynesian spirit of story telling through music and rhythm, Toaka aims to build dance floors by connecting the roots of house music from across the globe, paying homage to the past whilst keeping a firm ear to the future.

Tom Witheridge:

Tom loves to share his music collection with the people, he wants to help people feel something beautiful. Tom has played various clubs and parties across Sydney for the past 16 years, from Subsonic Festival to Spice, Abercrombie Hotel to 77. He thinks genre is a dirty word and samples from many flavours. Come have a taste.

Mike Who


Tom Witheridge

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Monday 29 May


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