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Monday 10 July

Mondays at 77 w/ Andreas, Tom Witheridge & Mr Roarke

6:00pm - 4:00am | Free Entry all Night


A relative newcomer in Eora's underground electronic music life, Andreas is a producer, record collector, and employee/resident DJ for Sydney-based brand Something Else Record Store / Something Else. With a debut EP release on Nightime Drama in 2021, he has quietly built his repertoire from endless hours of digging and studio exploration, often leaning towards deeper territories, yet always remaining forward and functional.

Tom Witheridge:

Tom loves to share his music collection with the people, he wants to help people feel something beautiful. Tom has played various clubs and parties across Sydney for the past 16 years, from Subsonic Festival to Spice, Abercrombie Hotel to 77. He thinks genre is a dirty word and samples from many flavours. Come have a taste.


Tom Witheridge

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Monday 10 July


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