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Friday 9 June

Fridays at 77 w/ Munir, Mike Who, Deepa & Ciara

6:00pm - 4:30am | Free entry on guest list before 11pm | $20.00 after, door sales only


Munir, an influential Indonesian DJ and producer, has etched a path in music from a young age. A co-founder of Midnight Runners, his craft revolves around hip-hop, funk, and boogie samples, majorly from his inherited vinyl collection. With an unpretentious philosophy, Munir's mission is to share good music with the world.


orous house. Drawing inspiration from trips to Tokyo and synthetic fusion music, Kaazi's work invites listeners into textured, immersive soundscapes that dissolve boundaries between dance floor and devotion.


When not manning the radio FBi Radio waves, Deepa is wielding her USBs to stunning effect upon a Sydney dance floor, mixing up an eclectic storm from oddball and leftfield selections stretching to rose-tinted Indopop, cheeky breaks and deep, dark hypnotic drums.


Midnight Tenderness



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Friday 9 June


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