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Friday 18 August

Fridays at 77 w/ Deepa & Johnny Lieu

8:00pm - 4:30am | Free entry on guest list before 10pm | $15.00 after, door sales only


When not manning the radio FBi Radio waves, Deepa is wielding her USBs to stunning effect upon a Sydney dance floor, mixing up an eclectic storm from oddball and leftfield selections stretching to rose-tinted Indopop, cheeky breaks and deep, dark hypnotic drums.

Johnny Lieu:

Johnny Lieu, an Eora/Sydney-based DJ and co-host of Spin The Bottle alongside Rydeen on FBi Radio since 2012. Delving into the realms of techno, garage, latin club, and juke/footwork, Johnny's eclectic sound transcends conventional boundaries, marking his ever-evolving presence in the dance scene.


Johnny Lieu

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Friday 18 August


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