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Friday 14 July

Fridays at 77 w/ Francis Xavier, Phil Smart & Motorik

6:00pm - 4:30am | Free entry on guest list before 11pm | $15.00 after, door sales only

Francis Xavier: 

Francis Xavier, a seasoned Sydney-based DJ, has built a name for himself with his diverse skills and unique contributions to the electronic music scene. Best known as a member of the 2x ARIA Award-winning group Infusion, Francis has taken his talents to festivals and clubs worldwide. Recently, he's ventured into new projects like The Finger Prince, alongside Bang Gang's Gus Da Hoodrat, and co-owning the label Motorik! Embracing various roles, Francis Xavier continues to captivate music lovers with his eclectic sounds and dedication to the craft.

Phil Smart: 

Australian fixture and scene icon, Phil Smart has been spinning forward thinking electronic music in clubs, bars, warehouses, fields, deserts and carparks since the rave era. If you’ve never experienced a Phil Smart set, you’re not very clever.


It was dark days, back in 2011. The party was flat, the records had no fizz and the rave had expired. Enter the Motorik Vibe Council. Coming at this game hard, with a mission to raise the level of party discourse. Educated at Bang Gang High, with further studies at the Berghain Institute of Techno and careful post-grad research with legends of the game like Ewan Pearson. One of them even has an ARIA award for excellence in the field of dance. Moving their self-titled parties virtually every single time, from basements of abandoned comedy clubs to male strip joints/life painting establishments, constantly pushing the boundaries of style, taste and the law. Eventually, the Vibe Council found themselves inside a warehouse, and, as they say, a legend was born.

Francis Xavier

Phil Smart


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Friday 14 July


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