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Joe Thornalley, known by the moniker Vegyn, is a London-based producer whose unconventional style of beatmaking has attracted attention from club audiences as well as rappers. His restrained yet intricately detailed productions are both playful and mysterious, avoiding the clichéd hallmarks of most dance music and not quite fitting in with hip-hop trends, either. Issuing solo material through his own PLZ Make It Ruins label since 2014, he came to the public’s attention through his production work on Frank Ocean’s 2016 albums Blond and Endless. The producer demonstrated his vast range on two lengthy mixtapes, 2019’s Text While Driving If You Want to Meet God! And 2022’s Don’t Follow Me Because I’m Lost Too!! He founded a London-based club night called GÆZ and frequented another one called Tropical Waste, sharing the decks with artists like Airhead, M.E.S.H., and EndgamE.


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