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Midnight Tenderness

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Midnight Tenderness

In the vibrant nocturnal sphere of Melbourne, Midnight Tenderness, also known as Ryan Hunter, fuses an eclectic array of sounds into a symphony of digital sparks and deep basslines. His DJing mirrors his production philosophy, journeying through varying tempos, courageously exploring the nexus between diverse genres. Imagine it: one moment you're swaying to the beats in Paradise Garage, the next you're swept off to a Jah Shaka dance hall, only to find yourself in a warehouse rave. His collaborative venture, Turner Street Sound, alongside Rings Around Saturn, birthed the unshakeably cool Bunsens Vol.1 LP, which found its home on Butter Sessions. Further, his show Heavy As Stone on Skylab radio represents a monthly voyage into the bottom-heavy, throbbing heart of dance music.


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