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Lifelong Request

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Lifelong Request

Lifelong Request aka Seiya began his career as a DJ in Japan in 2009 and became a part of the party known as "CHOUTSUGI." This collective has invited a variety of DJs and artists from both domestic and international backgrounds, including DJ Aakmael, AL Zanders, Andy Vaz, Harvey Sutherland, Hugo LX, M5K, and Pablo Valentino. In October 2019, he relocated his base of activity to Australia. Starting in Melbourne, he performed at over 30 gigs in just five months, including support for a party hosted by Butter Sessions and a broadcast on PBS FM. Later, in June 2020, he moved to Bundaberg, where he focused on discovering new records, enjoying the beautiful weather, and engaging in farming. Recently, he has been primarily DJing at "Club 77" since resettling in Sydney.


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