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A rising star from Belfast, now Rotterdam-based, Kessler, aka Eddy Kennedy, orchestrates a sonic ballet, embracing techno, breakbeat, and the beautifully obscure. His pulse on electronic music's heartbeat is unmissable, championed as an electrifying producer and selector. Kessler’s expansive musical canvas, nurtured in the UK and Ireland, resonates with versatile hues of electro, garage, jungle, and techno, driving crowds wild with robust, diversified sets. Despite global hurdles, his trajectory hasn’t faltered, bagging a DJ Mag nomination and a landmark Boiler Room gig. 2022 promises a heady mix of festival appearances and a treasure trove of new releases. Meanwhile, his club imprints, Footwork and Meraki, further extend his curatorial prowess, weaving footwork, jungle, electro, breaks, and techno into entrancing dancefloor tapestries.


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