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Genki Tanaka

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Genki Tanaka

Tokyo born, Naarm/ Melbourne based DJ Genki Tanaka continually impresses dance floors with his unique style in music, ranging across a broad spectrum of genres.
His music, heavily inspired by the characteristics of his hometown Shinjuku Kabuki-Cho provides an eccentric experience to the average Naarm punter. Recently returning from a tour in Japan where he played at various venues including world-renowned WOMB nightclub. And supporting DJs such as Chaos In The CBD, Byron The Aquarius, CC:DISCO!, DJ Nobu and Escape Artist throughout his career. Now residing in Naarm/ Melbourne for the indefinite future you can catch Genki frequenting venues such as Sub Club, Colour, Dr Morse, Music Room and Section 8. Or curating and running events GOLDENTIME.


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